Ultraviolet-furnace-air-purifier, germ guardian true hepa filter air purifier with uv light sanitizer, eliminates germs, filters allergies, pollen, smoke, dust pet dander, mold odors, quiet 22 inch 4-in-1 air purifier for home ac4825e. What to look for in an ultraviolet (uv) air purifier the effectiveness of a uv air purifier is dependent upon the exposure time between the contaminant and the uv light. uv is most effective when the air is free of dust and particulate (which can block some of the uv light), so hepa pre-filtration is highly recommended., honeywell - ultraviolet air treatment system - kills up to 70% of certain airborne bacteria. safety sealed design with multiple interlocks. light indicator allows homeowner to see the bulb is lit. ada compliant. - thd sku# 470126.

Air purifiers with uv technology are pretty popular on the market, even though they are more expensive than other types of air purifiers. manufacturers claim that the light is effective in killing germs and viruses in your indoor air., uv (ultraviolet light) air cleaners provide germicidal air treatment, killing black mold spores, mildew, bacteria, viruses and other germs while they are in the furnace ducts. they are very good for getting rid of household odors and musty air handler smells, too..

Our uv lamps mean lights out for mold and bacteria. they kill the organisms that can grow on the indoor coil of your cooling system. eliminating these baddies does more than help improve your air quality, it increases your system performance as well., destroys germs in your home. healthy climate ® uv germicidal lights destroy contaminants like mold, mildew and bacteria. using maximum-intensity ultraviolet light, they damage the cell structure of microorganisms, preventing them from growing and spreading throughout your home.. The d200 air purifier is designed for a whole-house uv light and is the best system for homes in the 900 to 1,400 square foot range. the unit comes with two 9-watt bulbs to produce enough sanitizing power to cleanse the air in your home’s ducts. the 9-foot power cord is long enough to reach most outlets without the need for an extension cord., a uv light air purification system often combines a uv lamp with a traditional filter in order to maximize both the removal of particulate matter from the air and the killing of germs and bacteria. uv purification is most effective when the microorganisms have prolonged contact with the uv lamp..

The d200 air purifier whole house uv light is an environmentally friendly product that incorporates an ozone-free design. as such, it contributes towards the global carbon footprint reduction goals. it uses a 14” germicidal bulb with magnet that puts out 253.7nm. you also get a couple of extra bulbs for replacement.