Seam-joint-sheet-metal, fabrication of edges, joints, seams, and notches. there are numerous types of edges, joints, seams, and notches used to join sheet-metal work.. A variety of seams are used to connect pieces of sheet metal in construction, auto body creation and fine art sculpture. the type of seam used depends largely on the application; some seams are created entirely by machine or in a metal shop, while others are made to snap together without requiring welding or soldering on site., hemming and seaming are two similar metalworking processes in which a sheet metal edge is rolled over onto itself. hemming is the process in which the edge is rolled flush to itself, while a seam joins the edges of two materials. hems are commonly used to reinforce an edge, hide burrs and rough edges, and improve appearance..

Nov 6, 2012 - tig welded mild steel sheet metal fabrication seam joint, 6) adhesive bonding for sheet metal parts. adhesive bonding is a type of permanent joint. but assembled parts can be separated using chemicals. to assemble part using adhesive bonding.. The pittsburgh seam made easier -the sheet metal kid - duration: 2:53. the sheet metal kid 29,462 views, machine designed to bend sheet metal to form edges and prepare the metal for wired edge. seam can also be formed on this machine..

See text book topics, teacher discussions, and internet data for further information. this is not intended to be an all inclusive vocabulary study, test, or ability indicator, for the many procedural steps, tools, and techniques involved in various lab activities., if you can design a sheet metal component which can be manufactured in one piece this is nearly always the best approach. however, you may have to design a component that has two or more gauges of sheet metal, shapes that would be materially inefficient to be cnc punched from one part, impossible to be manufactured as one or needing water tight joints.