Roofing-details-parts, ridge board: a horizontal timber or metal resting at the peak of the roof.the rafters and trusses are connected to the ridge board for a cohesive framework.. solid decking: a composite decking made of solid resembles real wood and particularly strong and stable for bearing heavy load. felt underlayment: it is a waterproofing layer made of regular felt, stacked above the solid .... Whether you’re a homeowner with a roof problem or a seasoned professional looking for the parts and tools to get the job done, the home depot has all of the roof repair materials, gutter supplies and ventilation parts you’ll need to keep rainwater at bay., 2 the right tools. this standard details manual, aka the blue book, is the right tool to have at your fingertips. by knowing you have access to all of the right information from proper storage and installation.

Find out how to install metal roofing with this guide. metal roofing is a unique trend in roofing and this guide will walk you through the steps, including how to install metal roofing over shingles., abc metal building components. no metal building project is complete without the components that bring the roof and wall panels together. from structural products to fasteners and trim, abc's expansive selection of metal building components provide support and longevity while allowing you to customize the performance and aesthetic of your structure..

Speed up your next metal building project. impact steel building system. metal sales impact building system is a fast and easy way for you to instantly provide your customers with a design/build, cold-formed steel building package, complete with cost estimate, construction contract and blue prints ready for permit.