Roof-top-rainwater-harvesting-structures, rooftop rain water harvesting structure is a unique system.this system will be allowed to enter into filter media of water harvesting structure. the clear water /filtered rain water is allowed to.... Induced groundwater recharge effected by installation of roof top rainwater harvesting structures (rths) on the roof top areas of individual and community buildings are widely applicable method ..., roof top rainwater collection is one of the solutions for solving or reducing the problem of water availability, where there is inadequate groundwater supply and surface sources are either lacking.... Rooftop rain water harvesting is the technique through which rain water is captured from the roof catchments and stored in reservoirs. harvested rain water can be stored in subsurface ground water reservoir by adopting artificial - recharge techniques to meet the household needs through storage in tanks., the district administration has proposed to carry out 325 water conservation works while it wants 4.5 lakh households to go for roof top rainwater harvesting structures in the coming months..

Contact us: toll-free: 1-866-653-8337 www.rainwaterm anagem 1 rainwater harvesting about us rainwater managem ent solutions is an industry-leading, rain water harvesting is a technique of recharge of ground water by capturing and storing rain water. this is done by constructing special water-harvesting structures like dug wells, percolation, lagoon, check dams etc. rain water harvesting is not only proving useful for poor and scantly rainfall regions but also for the rich ones..

Artificial recharge of rainwater during rainy season will help the prevention of groundwater tables. an attempt is made to harvest the roof top rain water at siddharth group of institutions. there were eleven blocks in the campus covering roof area of 1.11995279 hectors., components of the roof top rainwater harvesting system. 1- catchment area 2- transportation 3- first flush 4- storage system 5- delivery system 6- filtration system 8.  the surface that receives rainfall directly is the catchment of rainwater harvesting system. it may be terrace, courtyard, or paved or unpaved open ground..

Figure 6.1 : typical roof top harvesting structure under method (a), the down pipe is moved away from the inlet of the storage tank initially during the rains, until clean water flows. under method (b), storage provision for initial rain is kept in a pipe. these are cleaned off after each heavy rain.