Roof-tile-quote, installing a roof of ceramic clay tiles starts around $7-$10 a square foot for lower-grade tiles in standard shapes and earth colors, or $11,900-$21,000 for a basic 1,700-2,100-square-foot roof. custom-glazed colors and custom-shaped premium clay tiles can be $10-$30 or more a square foot, or $17,000-$63,000 or more for 1,700-2,100 square feet.. With homewyse lists for a basic project in zip code 47474 with 120 square feet, the cost to install a tile roof starts at $12.06 - $16.51 per square foot*. actual costs will depend on job size, conditions, and options. to estimate costs for your project:, solar roof tiles can look like slate, terracotta or come in colours. prices vary, but solar roofing tiles can cost anywhere from $8,000 to $18,000 depending on the brand and the style. some solar roofing tiles cost $230 per square metre and prices are coming down as more competition pushes prices down..

Get a quote please fill in the form below for us to provide you with a quotation., yes roofs can be cleaned, and yes, it’s a real thing. roof cleaning may actually be a wise investment to prolong the life of your roof. overgrowth of moss, grime, lichen or algae can all shorten the life of your roof..

Melbourne’s most trusted team of roof tilers. when it comes to retiling your roof, you need to ensure you have professionals working for you. supreme roofing group has the best quality cement and terracotta tiles, and our team of trained roof tilers have the experience and skill to carefully install and replace your existing tiles., your free roof tile quote for urgent roof tile repairs please call our mobile service on 0417 798 084. for all other roof tile enquiries, or to obtain a no obligation free quote, call our office on (07) 3276 1546 or send your details and we will be in touch in no time..

For the greatest range of timber and metal roof battens, no1 roof and building supplies is a great place to start. we stock all the best roof batten products sydney can offer., hi one of my roof tiles has become dislodged during the recent storm and is currently sitting in one piece in my guttering. i have been ringing roofers who have quoted hundreds of pounds to fix as it involves using tower scaffolding to fit with h&s regs.. "roofing contractor basically it is a 2 town houses development project, i got a roof tile quote last week, i also need a few quotes for roof plumbing parts. " w. wanni from vermont. hired a roofing contractor "hi wanted to get quote to repair existing roof or to change new roof " s.