Landscape-flower-bed-ideas, cinder block flower bed. if you have a small patio that you want to keep simple but make beautiful, this is a great flower bed idea. simply try cornering and stacking a group of cinder blocks up against a wall and filling them with soil and flowers.. Bulb plants are a wonderful idea but think outside the box to create even more color in your flower beds as soon as winter's snow recedes. consider that hunk with the yellow petals, adonis vernalis. it is an herbaceous perennial, not a bulb plant., one of the typical ways to edge a bed is by using a flower bed border fence. they are used for edging typical rectangular or square flower beds, for example along garden pathways or against a building wall. curves and wavy patterns are hard to achieve when using fences. fences are usually made out of wood, plastic or wire..

A flower bed filled with perennials is just the thing for blooms that last the entire summer then return year after year. try a bed with a serpentine border dominated by pink begonias edged with smaller white begonias., a galvanized steel flower bed is a style that is growing in popularity and has a sleek and interesting appeal. it may not go with every style, but if it matches what you have going on, it is durable and can be easy to maintain. the steel may transfer heat to the soil, so make sure the flowers you plant are not overly sensitive to heat..

Superb shrubs. if you’re looking for low maintenance flower bed ideas for front of house, then shrubs can be a fabulous choice. there’s a mind-blowing range of shrubs to choose from, including many evergreen varieties for year-round interest., a short row of boxwood, planted in the middle of a flowering bed, offers visual relief and is a pretty flower garden idea. plant in waves of color when designing a flowerbed. these pink and yellow tulips provide a first, early burst of blooms in the spring..

Add a flower bed border. this has to be the easiest and cheapest landscaping idea out there. simply add a stone edge and mulch to pretty up plain flower beds in a snap. get the tutorial at jenna burger design., another way to make the most of your yard landscape is by planting lovely rambling vines. there’s nothing more stately or romantic than deep green tendrils winding around fences and columns, especially when you’ve chosen a delicate, flowering vine species.