Hamptons-battery-rock, sleuthing leads to finding site of gettysburg's hampton battery rock hampton's independent battery f was recruited in pittsburgh, pa., in october 1861. Headline news ! hampton's battery is now the state of pennsylvania's official hampton's battery f civil war unit and officially voted on by the state senate congratulations hampton's battery!, tim bennett and will hoffman sit down and discuss how they were able to discover a piece of gettysburg battlefield history that had been lost for over 100 years. the discovery of hamptons battery.... The hampton battery rock or “shelter rock” protected wounded from hampton’s battery f, independent pennsylvania light artillery on july 3, 1863., the hampton rock is an excellent start into then and now photography. some people call this the "shelter rock". i even heard one person called this rock the "pittsburgh battery rock" as this battery was mustered from the pittsburgh, pa area. they have a monument in east park on pittsburgh's north side..

Gettysburg battlefield & discovery of hamptons battery rock posted by admin on 7 january 2012. tim bennett takes you on a tour at gettysburg battlefield discussing how in 1990 will hoffman and tim bennett discovered hamptons battery rock on the battlefield prvt. robert s. reed 55th mass. infantry colored, a short history of independent battery c. pennsylvania volunteer light artillery. by gary v. hoover. 2015. as of 12/14/2015 . recruited at pittsburgh, september, 1861 by captain james thompson.

I am at "the angle", where confederate's northern virginia army (aka. pickett's charge or longstreet's march) temporarily penetrated the union defense line, ...