Giffgaff-battery-hens, facts about battery hens talk about the housing system used for the egg laying hens. the cage for the hens is arranged in various columns and rows. all of them are connected each other. the usage of battery hens remains controversial because the animal activists question the animal’s rights.. Karen davis, phd is the founder and president of united poultry concerns, a nonprofit organization that promotes the compassionate and respectful treatment of domestic fowl., i took my first overdose at 11, my second at 18 and my third just after my 21st birthday. it was a cry for help. i had lovely parents, but i was desperately unhappy..

From the hsus: scientists and experts on battery cages and laying hen welfare 1 scientists and experts on battery cages and laying hen welfare an extensive body of scientific evidence confirms that birds confined in barren battery cages suffer immensely., what is the life of a battery hen like? i can’t say that was delighted when back in 2012 that the uk enacted the european legislation to ban these conventional battery cages and replaces the minimum standard with the enriched colony cage, for me it just was not enough of a change..

Animal welfare campaigners are rushing to find new homes for battery hens before an eu ban on "barren" battery cages comes into force, as asha tanna reports., the british hen welfare trust (formerly the battery hen welfare trust) is the united kingdom's first registered charity solely for laying was founded in april 2005 by jane howorth mbe, and was established in order to raise awareness of the 20 million hens kept in cages in the uk at that time.. Make a new feathered friend, and show a factory-farmed animal just how great life can be... each year in australia, millions of hens are condemned to a short and miserable existence in factory farms, all for the sake of cheap eggs.these hens, who are social, inquisitive and affectionate, have no quality of life in tiny battery cages that they share with up to four other hens., farmers have freed more than 80 million hens from especially cruel and cramped lives in one of the most significant changes to animal welfare legislation in decades: the end of battery cages..

We are a not for profit organisation re-homing hens from farms where they have lived producing eggs for commercial purposes. if we did not step in and find homes for these hens that deserve a 2nd chance at life, their fate would be slaughter.