Fox-battery-1-79, history the 1st battalion, 79th field artillery was created july 1, 1916 when it was constituted in the army as troops a and b of the 21st cavalry regiment, and then organized on june 1, 1917 at.... Fox battery, 1st battalion, 79th field artillery september 14, 2016 · there are a lot more pictures of your soldiers training on the class cd that will be given away for a donation at family day and graduation! we ask for $1 for each but will accept anything you can give., i am the commander of fox battery, 1-79 fa, a basic combat training unit or boot camp turning volunteers into soldiers. i currently have a class of 205 volunteers and my staff of 14 to train them..

Fox battery, 1-40 fa, bravo battery, 1-31 fa, and fox battery, 1-79 fa graduations are set at the fort sill sheridan theater. these graduations are open to the public and guests are encouraged to attend. fort sill force protection exercise