Encore-battery-pump, the deluxe erection pump kit, manufactured by encore, is one of our top-selling penis pumps, especially for first time pump users. erectile dysfunction, commonly known as ed, can be emotionally and financially demanding, which is why encore provides one of the most affordable penis pumps available on the market.. Encore battery pump therapy system vacuum penis erection device pump the encore ved pump is capable of restoring sexual function in up to 90 percent of impotent men. as a non-invasive and low cost option to chemical and surgical procedures to treat impotence, this is an ideal therapy for treating erectile dysfunction., "encore deluxe battery/manual powered vacuum pump for ed erectile dysfunction pump features patented ring ejector. ring ejector. the encore deluxe battery and manual system erection device is a highly effective erection pump that uses an external vacuum therapy system to help with impotence problems..

The encore impoaid battery replacement head is compatible with the battery-operated version of the impoaid penis pump, designed to treat erectile dysfunction. the replacement battery pump for impoaid (encore batrplhd) provides an economical way to maintain the use of the pump and conveniently changes out without having to replace the entire kit., impoaid battery erection pump is a medically-rated vacuum therapy system and is proven to effectively treat erectile dysfunction, commonly known as ed, in over 90% of men. its high quality construction is even backed up by a lifetime warranty on the pump and the cylinder. pumping with a manual pump involves extra work..

Encore battery powered vacuum ed pump head this package contains only the encore battery powered pump head. if you have purchased the encore manual vacuum penis pump and are looking to upgrade to the battery power pump this is your answer. this battery powered pump head fits the standard encore tube as well as the over-sized encore penile tube., encore battery pump head is compatible with all encore vacuum erection systems. it can be used to upgrade a manual system to a battery powered system. encore battery pump features: compatible with all encore vacuum erection systems.

Encore battery pump head; clear, water-soluble, non-irritating lubricant. compatible with natural and synthetic substances. the international choice for a non-sterile lubricating gel. encore impo aid ring kit, (otc) our price: $33.95 (1) encore system body shield 2 pack, encore battery pump head our price: $79.95 over the counter battery powered erection device. this device is for customers whose insurance will not cover this item..

Oversized penile tube. fits the battery, revive premium manual pump & standard manual pump. product measurements: 10" long x 2 1/8" diameter