Electric-eels-battery, sometimes used by aquariums to light christmas trees, electric eels are teaching scientists how to create bio-batteries that can keep your implantable medical devices functioning forever. Electric eels inspire a new type of battery researchers took a cue from the electric eel to create a soft, foldable battery that could one day power devices like pacemakers, electric eels inspired an international team of researchers to develop soft power cells that could one day run pacemakers, health monitors, or one day even augmented-reality contact lenses. their .... Two centuries on, and batteries are everyday objects. but even now, the electric eel isn’t done inspiring scientists. a team of researchers led by michael mayer at the university of fribourg ..., the electric eel has three pairs of abdominal organs that produce electricity: the main organ, the hunter's organ, and the sach's organ. these organs make up four fifths of its body, and give the electric eel the ability to generate two types of electric organ discharges: low voltage and high voltage.these organs are made of electrocytes, lined up so a current of ions can flow through them and ....

This is one in a series presenting news on technology and innovation, made possible withgenerous support from the lemelson foundation. electric eels are legendary for their ability to stun prey with a high-voltage jolt. inspired by the creature, scientists have adapted the eel’s stunning secret to build a squishy, flexible new way to make electricity. their new artificial electric “organ ..., the electric battery from an electric eel researchers from the michigan and fribourg universities report in 2017 in the article in nature that they managed to design the current source working by the same principle as electric body of an electric eel..

Электрический угорь подсказал конструкцию биосовместимой гибкой батарейки. Авторы надеются, что если на основе предложенных механизмов удастся создать стабильно работающее устройство, то уже в ближайшем будущем ..., new power sources bear a shocking resemblance to the electricity-making organs inside electric eels battery-like devices inspired by electric eels could someday power wearable and implantable tech or soft robots. battery-like devices inspired by electric eels could someday power wearable and implantable tech or soft robots.