Curtis-battery-monitor, to realize the full potential of acuity®, curtis has developed acu-set™, a pc-based software tool that: programs and configures acuity® to match the battery on which it is installed. retrieves historical battery data from the vehicle and transmits to a pc. stores and displayes instantaneous battery data in a pc.. – recording of battery data for a user-specified period of time or specific vehicle operation. the curtis acuity® battery monitoring system is a device that mounts directly to an industrial vehicle lead acid battery. it measures, records and transmits battery performance data throughout the battery’s life., instrumentation, motor speed controllers, inverters, integrated systems, drive systems and engineering support for electric vehicle designers. advanced technology for evs..

Used as battery charge / discharge meter, curtis 906 state-of-charge gauges are widely applied by golf cart and electric forklift makers. curtis 906 meter is a simple and effective bdi (battery discharge indicator). typical model: 906t48hndao, 48v with curtis logo., the curtis engage® ii is a dual function, microprocessor based instrument that can be factory or user defined to monitor various functions including fuel, temperature, pressure, voltage, battery state of charge and maintenance/status.. In here you will find more detailed information about the curtis products on this web site. (requires adobe acrobat reader 5.0 or later) 700fn00101248d hourmeter (12-48 volts), the curtis model 803 combines in one instrument a completely solid state led battery state-of-charge indicator, an lcd hour meter, and lift lockout. only when battery is properly charged is right most led 1 lit. as battery’s state-of-charge decreases, successive leds light up, one at a time..

New curtis throttle control with single lever. 48 volt battery charger & cable, curtis battery monitor gauge, 12 x 110/120 amp 12 volt batteries new this month & last year, maintenace free, battery master switches, etc. brand new lovely canopy with windows and removable sides.