Commercial-landscape-blowers, husqvarna 150bt, 50.2cc 2-cycle 434 cfm 251 mph professional 2-cycle gas backpack leaf blower. Leaf blowers. make quick work of yard cleanup with a leaf blower. designed to remove leaves, seedpods, small sticks, and other debris from your lawn, garden, patio, or deck, leaf blowers can save you time and save your back., simply put, husqvarna empowers you to succeed as a professional. we pride ourselves on the quality and variety of our commercial-grade products.we offer one of the best fleet discount programs around. our extensive dealer support network, comprised of many thousands of locations, is dedicated to excellence in both sales and service..

Find all the commercial landscape equipment, tools and accessories you need to create and maintain the perfect lawn. trimmers, blowers, seeders, spreaders, wheelbarrows and more. we match any competitor's price., don't leave your customers unhappy. find the right equipment to get the job done as a landscape contractor with the help from buckeye power sales.. Limit commercial landscape blowers in residential areas to weekdays and reasonable hours; establish reasonable hours and duration of use for blowers; encourage gradual switch from gas to battery-powered blowers; consider a summer commercial blower restriction; and . ensure best practices are published., the stihl is a surpise, as it weighs in at just over twenty-three pounds. echo is just behind, with less than a pound separating the two. husqvarna sinks to the bottom, with the top weight, surpassing twenty-six pounds..

A leaf blower is an essential piece of yard equipment. as its name implies, it’s useful for wrangling leaves that fall into your yard or onto your deck and driveway. but a leaf blower is also handy to have around to clear dirt, gravel, and debris from your yard or garage., the environment is our mutual interest and concern. together we can reduce our environmental footprint by making smart choices. husqvarna’s x-torq® engine technology on our gas blowers reduces harmful exhaust emissions by up to 75% while increasing fuel efficiency by up to 20%..

In addition to mowers, an assortment of power tools is available that helps us manicure and shape our landscapes. electric and gas-powered weed trimmers, lawn edgers, hedge trimmers, and leaf blowers do the work that used to take days and many backaches to accomplish.