Capital-battery-charge, capacity: 10,300mah; outputs: two ports (usb-c pd up to 30w, usb-a up to 12w) weight: 236g (8.32oz) price: $100; time to fully charge: around 2 hours. Shop for car battery chargers in car battery chargers and jump starters. buy products such as stanley 25 amp battery charger with 75 amp engine start (bc25bs) at walmart and save., the ‘state of charge’ (soc) of a battery is a measurement of how much energy is remaining (percent). it’s like a fuel gauge. measuring and knowing the soc of a battery or battery-bank is useful when applying towards alternative energy, or any other situation where you need to know its condition..

As important as the engine is to your vehicle, it’s the battery that routes voltage to the starter, which turns over the engine. the battery also supplies electricity to power all the lights, the audio and navigation systems, computers and various electrical-dependent parts., sexual battery and rape in florida “ many sexual battery cases boil down to one person’s word against another’s. ” sexual battery, which is more commonly known as rape, is one of the most aggressively prosecuted crimes in florida and carries some of the most severe and long-lasting penalties of any criminal offense..

Corey lynn swindler, 38, was charged with capital sexual battery on a child younger than 12 and six counts of lewd molestation. polk county sheriff’s officials said the victim is the daughter of a..., florida state law currently classifies rape -- and offenses commonly referred to as "sexual assault" in many other states -- under the broader category of "sexual battery."so whether it is an act of rape, groping, or some other unwanted touching of a sexual nature, the offense is charged as sexual battery.. Corey lynn swindler, 38, was charged this morning with capital sexual battery on a child under the age of 12 and six counts of lewd molestation. he was being held in the polk county jail without..., battery is a criminal offense involving unlawful physical contact, distinct from assault which is the act of creating apprehension of such contact.. battery is a specific common law misdemeanor, although the term is used more generally to refer to any unlawful offensive physical contact with another person, and may be a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the circumstances.