Battery-subc, sub-c batteries - we carry specialty sub c sized rechargeable batteries! nickel metal hydride's rechargeable chemistry will save you money when it comes to replacing batteries, but the high self-discharge rate means nimh cells are not ideal for emergency storage or low drainage devices.. Power when you need it - the tenergy rechargeable sub-c batteries offer reliable performance at an inexpensive cost. this 15 piece nicd set features a flat top design with tabs (for soldering). at 1.2 volts with a 2200mah high capacity, it provides power when you need it when the unexpected happens., 4/5 sub-c batteries - the 4/5 sub-c is smaller version of its cousin, the sub-c, commonly used for battery packs when a slightly smaller size is needed. typically made with either a ni-cd or ni-mh chemistry, these compact little 1.2v cells have flat top terminals for welding battery tabs to or are even available with solder tabs already attached..

Tenergy power, is our online store for tenergy that brings our products and the same support directly to customers. whether you just need basic rechargeable batteries for your home, business, school, or projects we're here to help!, kastar sc 1.2v 2200mah ni-cd subc rechargeable battery flat top for wahl 745-800 electric razor, wahl 4000 shaver, wahl 9876 trimmer, medical instrument / equipment, controlled devices, electric tools.

Sub c batteries are commonly used for building and rebuilding drill packs and rc (radio controlled_) battery packs, among a host of other applications as well. sub c batteries physically resemble what could be described as a smaller version of the regular or standard c size battery. they measure 23 mm in diameter, by 43 mm in length., sub c nimh (nickel metal hydride) rechargeable batteries with and without tabs. sub c batteries look like a small version of a standard c cell. they measure 23mm in diameter by 43mm in length..

Sub c nicd (nickel cadmium) rechargeable batteries . sub c size rechargeable batteries are perfect for building or re-building battery packs. to make your battery pack assembly venture easy, we would suggest using the sub c batteries with tabs., sub c size cells and batteries are used to power many items such as cordless power tools and rc cars and hobby crafts. sub-c cells have varying dimensions and sizes depending upon the manufacturer. this website shows you the different sizes, types, styles, and designs of sub c cells and batteries for dewalt, craftsman, milwaukee, and black & decker firestorm.