Battery-powered-balloon-pump, product description portable and rechargeable balloon pump for twister balloons. inflates 160-360 entertainer balloons. high powered battery will run for 4 hours, which is long enough to inflate 600 balloons.. The balloon hero 24-volt model is not currently available due to a worldwide shortage of the 24-volt batteries required for it. we are currently investigating possible solutions. in addition, we are still servicing the 24-volt models., runacc electric air pumps rechargeable battery air mattress pump, portable quick-fill inflator/deflator pumps for camping inflatable cushions, air mattress bed, air sofa, boat, pool toy, usb/4000mah. Up for auction is a new style boomer blaster aka the "huff daddy balloon pump" the huff daddy is a rechargeable sla battery powered balloon pump. this pump requires no maintenance other than recharging. the battery charger is contained within the balloon pump case., z60 is a portable, rechargeable balloon pump for twister balloons. it inflates 160’s - 660’s style latex balloons in seconds and the high powered battery will run for 4 hours. removable and adjustable shoulder strap included. premium mini cool aire inflator tips (replacement tips for cool aire machine).

The battery is a sealed lead-acid type, and does not have memory problems the other pumps have- you can charge it anytime you need and expect full power when it’s done every time. the pouch is designed with two types of insulation, one for sound and one for comfort., the balloon hero power user package comes with both an extra battery and an extra pump assembly (the pump assembly contains the motor, compresser, wiring harness and plug). the pump assembly is the heart of the balloon hero cordless inflator. with an extra pump assembly, you can swap in a cool motor if your pump gets too warm from repeated use..

The battery-powered air mattress pump has a small, compact design that makes it simple to take along almost anywhere. three valve adapters are included for convenient inflation and deflation of inflatables. this battery-powered air bed pump can be used either indoors or outdoors and requires four d batteries, which are not included., deluxe handtight balloon inflator. the choice of professionals. deluxe handtight with rubber latex tilt valve: the choice of professionals; it is both rugged and easy to use, both for the novice and new user alike. it has an all brass body, with "piston type" mechanism, drilled and tapped for tie hook and ribbon cutting..

This is also the most popular battery powered balloon pump in the world! if you are a pro twister... this is the one you want.  all pumps come with everything you need to start: the pump, pouch, reel, battery, and charger.