Battery-gp389, if your gp gp389 comes from a device which runs on multiple batteries, make sure to replace all of them at the same time or you will dramatically reduce the lifespan of the new batteries by mixing them with older batteries.. Cotchear 10pcs/card ag10 for watch toys remote 189 lr54 cell coin alkaline button battery 1.5v sr54 389 189 lr1130 389 sr1130 coin batteries, apparently button batteries often have multiple (6 or more) equivalent names, based on type of chemistry (alkaline, lithium, silver oxide) and/or manufacturer. in this case, the silver oxide 389/390 (sr1130) is a longer lasting and more stable version of the alkaline (lr1130). there were 5 batteries in the package (exactly as pictured)..

Manufacturer code: 389e-a1 type: sr54 battery chemistry: silver-oxide size: ag10 voltage (v): 1.55 v battery Ø (mm): 11.6 mm battery height (mm): 3.05 mm, 389 battery is a direct replacement for sr1130w, sr54, sr1130, sb-bu, 280-15, m, v389, d389, 626, s1131e, gp389, ag10, ag-10, 389, 189, l1131, g10, v10ga, lr1130 .... 1.55v silver oxide battery - gp389/sr54 (70ma) :: s5018 these high-grade silver oxide "button batteries" are used in many items ranging from watches, calculators to toys and portable hand-held appliances., gp gp189 battery replacements from batteries plus bulbs. top quality and long lasting battery replacements..

Gp189 battery is a coin cell shape alkaline battery with a nominal voltage of 1.5v. gp189 battery is a popular high drain, alkaline cell battery commonly used in cameras, calculators, toys, and watches., free 2-day shipping. buy energizer batteries 390/389 (189, sr1130sw, sr1130w) silver oxide watch battery. on tear strip (pack of 5) at 1.55v silver oxide battery - gp389/sr54 (70ma) $2.55 1.55v silver oxide battery - gp357/sr44 (165ma) $5.70 techtronics products. full category list displays a full parent category list. audio visual. automotive. batteries. cable. components. connectors. fuses. gadgets. general. hardware. kits. power devices