Battery-acid-clothes, acid can get on clothing while working with machines or simply from cracked batteries in your home. getting acid stains out of clothing is easier than you might think.. Shop for customizable battery acid clothing on zazzle. from tank tops to t-shirts to hoodies, we have amazing clothes for men, women, & children., uh, you don’t. batty acid, key word ‘acid’ tends to eat away the clothes. you could apply a base…baking soda, to slow down the acidity, but those are ‘painting’ clothes now.. About 30 years ago i was enamored with chemistry and its experimental aspect but had zero insight of dangers involved (i don't know how i managed to not kill or seriously harm myself). i somehow got myself some amount of concentrated sulfuric acid..., additional tips and ideas. never touch battery acid with your hands. always wear protective rubber gloves to keep from burning your hands. always test a small hidden area of the fabric to ensure there are no adverse effects to the fibers or coloring..

My husband works with car batteries. his work clothes go into the washer in tack and tend to come out of the dryer with holes in them. is the battery acid he most likely gets on his clothes working eating the cotton in the washer or dryer and can i avoid this somehow without ever seeing a stain to treat? by the way, it never eats holes in the polyester shirts only the cotton pants/shorts!, aa battery acid on clothes is a serious condition. learn about aa battery acid on clothes or are you at risk for aa battery acid on clothes. but if you treat it carefully you can provent aa battery acid on clothes. but bon't worry about aa battery acid on clothes?.

How to check the level of electrolyte in a sealed lead acid battery. to check the level of electrolyte in the sealed lead acid battery you need a measuring tube with divisions or something that looks similar to this tool. it can be a transparent pen or juice straw.