Tris Curtis

Tris Curtis

Tris Curtis
Raw Food Diet Benefit: Got rid of weight loss issues. His energy has risen so much that his personality has completely changed. He used to feel run-down and tired, and now he really enjoys life as a bright, happy and enthusiastic person.

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When were you born?


When did you start to follow high carb raw vegan diet?

November 2010

What were you eating before and how did you feel?

I cycled between processed vegetarian and fasting.

Most of the time I felt heavy, lethargic, stiff and achy. Living itself was a constant struggle. My daily exercise was a massive effort and took immense willpower to do. I also had major difficulties with lack of emotional poise and flipped out.

What health benefits and other improvements have you noticed after starting this kind of raw food diet Tris Curtis?

Think of the urban legends describing what a human being is truly capable of in body, mind and spirit. The way this diet has changed me as a person is so fundamental, it is beyond words. Raw food is the catalyst for shifting into that space where anything is possible, and you enjoy life as a super-being.

In the first few days I experienced a phenomenal surge in energy. Before I went raw a workday used to exhaust me straight into sleep. After going raw I left the office after 9-10 hours feeling like I had just gotten started with the day. I soon felt like my energy was infinite, and provided I sleep enough and eat well I can sprint from morning until night without fatigue. No stimulants – they slow you down more than speed you up.

I then noticed my bodyfat steadily go down. It didn’t matter if I ran 15 miles or spent the day on the couch. Steadily, day after day, it is coming off. I am enjoying seeing definition I have never seen before.

Then, after a lot of comments from others I started to realise that I was rarely, if ever, less than happy. I am happy all the time, and it is not reliant on anything except the natural buzz of my own wellbeing. I also noticed a real clarity in my ability to think critically. I am in control of my mind instead of vice versa. Issues that used to keep me up at night have become very simple decisions guided by clear thinking.

13 months in to High Carb Raw Vegan Diet, I am noticing a real boost in my greatest passion… intuitive clarity. This brings on a limitless depth of opportunity. For instance, I recently toured a prison where 130 were executed, and I strongly felt details about these people which were later confirmed by the tour guide. I also feel a tremendous sense of wisdom and guidance from the cosmos which I was not able to receive only a short time ago. This had led to achieving more with less effort.

Whatever you want to work on, raw food diet is a great way to start. On High Carb Raw Vegan diet I feel like I’m in the “garden of eden” and watching Standart Ametican Diet eaters dying out in the desert. I know that sounds brutal, but words cannot describe what you are missing out on!

Have you ever tried the high fat/gourmet raw? How did you feel Tris Curtis?

I struggle enough after one gourmet meal to imagine how miserable a high-fat life would be. It’s unfortunate gourmet recipes are so popular. Little wonder why so many people don’t last long raw living on recipes like that.

How many calories and food quantities you eat in a typical day Tris Curtis?

It depends on activity levels. Generally I feel best on 4000-4500 calories a day. Due to work I generally eat 1,000 calories 4-5 times a day.

How much greens?

I eat a green salad 2-3 times a week. The size is pretty massive. A mixing bowl easily bigger than my head filled to the brim.

After a while you can learn to trust your cravings. Your body is good at telling you when it needs greens.

How much overt fats you eat Tris Curtis?

I love my fatty food in the form of avocado and nuts. However I find it important to keep intake under control, as it can really hinder performance. I find the 80/10/10 ratio is a good guide as I can enjoy fatty food and enjoy the high-carb benefits at the same time.

How much water?

I average about 7-8 quarts a day. I live in the driest state in the driest country in the world.

Do you practice proper food combining?

Absolutely – I think good food combining is the best investment you can make.

If I have a punnet of cherry tomatoes and a punnet of blueberries, the order I eat them in means the difference between an energising snack and regretting I ever opened my mouth.

Virtually every health problem comes from food not being assimilated and eliminated properly. When you eat, have a good exit strategy.

How much do you exercise and what activities do you do Tris Curtis?

I’m interested in being an athlete. I currently run 6x week, weight train 2-3x week and cycle quite a bit. I enjoy moving and seeing improvements as a result of training. I look forward to seeing where I will be in 2-3 years.

My training teachers are “Scooby” (web alias) and the late Arthur Lydiard.

How much sleep do you get?

Generally 7-8 hours. My next big goal is to get that up to 8-9 hours, maybe 9-10 hours. I just can’t do short nights any more. I want to give myself to the world, not a wired zombie.

How do you make a living?

I work in human resources for an agriculture company managing staffing for seasonal harvests.

What advice would you give to the people who would like to improve their quality of life Tris Curtis?

Learn to control your mind. Consider the idea that your emotions create your circumstances, instead of vice versa. Go easy on yourself, you are always doing the best job you know how. Understand life is nothing more than the present moment. Feel love. Feel.

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