Raw Food Diet Weight Loss ♥

On healthy raw food diet weight loss is effortless! Imagine if you could eat as much food as you would like to and your body fat percentage would be dropping effortlessly. Sounds too good to be true? Stop reading all the lame articles on how to lose weight by cutting your calorie intake.

This is about eating the foods we were designed for and eating lots of it. No animal can get fat on diet that it was designed to eat!

Don´t believe me? Check out all the testimonials below. It´s so simple and tasty. People started eating all the fruits & veggies they cared for. A lot of FRUIT! More than you might consider for "normal" amount in this society. More than 3000 calories for an adult men and more than 2500 calories for women.

Raw Food Diet Weight Loss is really about abundance of sweet and juicy Fruit. When You will eat enough calories from fruit you will satisfy your hunger, fuel your daily activities, you will be fitter every day and the best of all: Who doesn´t like sweet juicy FRUIT!

Whole / Fresh / Ripe / Raw / Organic whenever possible is the best formula for successful Weight Loss program. Let me introduce you people who lost weight (Fat) on this Low Fat Raw Vegan Fruit Based Lifestyle. For more information about each person click on the name or picture. Enjoy it my Friend!


Freelee Before and After Raw Food Diet Weight Loss

- Raw Food Diet Weight Loss: Lost over 40 lbs of fat while eating 3000 calories a day from sweet Fruit!

-Her Chronic candida overgrowth symptoms disappeared.

-She rode 3000kms across Australia solo on 100% high carb raw vegan diet.

-Her breakfast can be 30 dates blended with water. Lunch can be 10 bananas and dinner can be a fruity salad with 6 mangoes and greens.

Megan Elizabeth

Megan Elizabeth Before and After Raw Food Diet Weight Loss

-170 pounds at high school
-130 pounds after cutting out dairy and most meat
-Now stable and healthy weight at 110 pounds

-Got rid of severe adrenal fatigue, leaky gut syndrome and multiple chemical sensitivities.

"Achieving your health goals is as easy or hard as you choose to make it"

Michael Arnstein

Michael Arnstein Fruitarian diet transformation

-Michael has lost over 30 pounds of Fat.
-Won Vermont 100 Mile Trail Race in 2011.
-Improved his marathon time to 2:28.12 on the Fruitarian Diet!

Julie Groenewald

-Lost 40 pounds of Fat in total, over half of that in the first 6 months on Fruitarian diet.

-Cellulite and varicose veins disappeared!

"I make sure to eat a *minimum* of 2500 calories per day but it usually totals up around 3000 – 3500 due to my high exercise plan I follow."

Alison Andrews

Alison Andrews Raw Food Diet Weight Loss Transformation

-Healed splastic colon and endometriosis.

"The focus is on consistency. Consistently eating ENOUGH low fat raw foods for my needs. Some days 10 bananas for lunch may not even be enough, sometimes I need 15! This is the amount of food that enables me to be truly satisfied, truly free of cravings and truly energetic. It is also the amount of food that puts binges behind me forever!"

Andrew Perlot

Andrew Perlot Raw Food Diet Weight Loss Before and After

-Healed his Colitis.

-He weighted 220 pounds on Standart American Diet at 17 years.

- Raw Food Diet Weight Loss: As he gradualy made better dietary choices and exercised his weight has stabilised on 158 pounds and he is fitter then ever before!

"When you stop trying to find new ways to improve, life gets pretty boring."

Victoria Everett

Victoria Everett Before and After Raw Food Diet Weight Loss

- Raw Food Diet Weight Loss: Lost 120 lbs and got rid of Schizophrenia while enjoying 2500 to 3000 calories a day!

"Eat enough calories of fresh fruits and vegetables and see how fantastic you feel while losing weight"

Chris Randall

Chris Randall Before and After Raw Food Diet Weight Loss

-He reached his peak weight at over 320 pounds, had severe acne all over his body, asthma, allergies, chronic sinus congestion, depression, and high blood pressure. All at the age of 16!

Benefits of Healthy Raw Food Diet and Lifestyle?
"Excess weight being dropped while enjoying the tastiest foods on the planet, high blood pressure reversed, absolutely no allergies or sinus issues, the highest level of fitness I’ve ever experienced, and a seemingly endless supply of energy!"

Teri Leventhal

Teri Leventhal Raw Food Diet Weight Loss Transformation

"I had been practicing short-term calorie restriction diets in the hopes of losing weight, but the weight would always come back on.

On Law Fat Raw Vegan Diet I quickly lost weight (40lbs) and my physical performance increased dramatically, even though I was eating more calories than ever. I am happy to be able to eat as much as I desire for the first time in my whole life."

-Also got rid of astigmatism, "incurable" dermatitis and allergies

Lukas Ircha

Lukas Ircha Before and After Raw Food Diet Weight Loss

- Raw Food Diet Weight Loss: Got from 215 lbs to 160 lbs.

"Quality of your food is more important than quantity. I could eat twice of what I am eating and not get Fat. Increase the quality of your nutrition and you are going to drop non-vital weight (Fat).

Tris Curtis

Tris Curtis Raw Food Diet Weight Loss Transformation

"Think of the urban legends describing what a human being is truly capable of in body, mind and spirit. The way this diet has changed me as a person is so fundamental, it is beyond words. Raw food is the catalyst for shifting into that space where anything is possible, and you enjoy life as a super-being."

-He feels best on 4000-4500 calories a day.

Maya Papaya

Click from more info about Maya Papaya

- Got rid of unexplainable rash, weight loss problems and chronic body pains. Now she has much more energy, better body image and weight stability!

So what do you think? I told you that on the right kind of raw food diet weight loss is enjoyable, effortless and soo Sweet. Do not forget you have only one life. Stop starving yourself and hiding your potential. Start enjoying Healthy Raw Food Diet and Lifestyle Today!

If your head is full of questions like: "What to eat, how much to eat, how much should I exercise, what kind of raw food recipes are good for me, how much water should I drink etc.."

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