Harley Johnstone ( Durianrider )

Harley Johnstone (Durianrider)

Harley Johnstone ( Durianrider )
Raw Vegan Diet Benefit: Healed from Crohn's disease, chronic fatigue, asthma, hypoglycemia, mild arthritis, sleep disorders, depression, drug addiction, alcohol abuse, anorexia and acne. Now he is endurance athlete fueled by High Carb Raw Vegan Diet!

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When were you born?


When did you started to follow high carb raw vegan diet?

October 2006. I was high carb vegan before that. Did low carb raw here and there and always felt crap.

What were you eating before and how did you feel?

I was eating a McDougall style vegan diet. Low in fat, high in whole foods. Felt amazing. 

What health benefits and other improvements have you noticed after starting this kind of raw food diet Durianrider?

I did a few days on fruit in 2001 by accident and just felt really strong on the bike. Then I learned about raw but started to feel guilty for eating the amount of fruit I wanted to eat so my performance and mindset would yo yo when I tried to be all raw. Luckily I was eating a lot of starches in between so being vegan was really easy and I could perform well after a few days of carbing up on rice etc. 

Have you ever tried the high fat/gourmet raw? How did you feel?

I´ve done a couple of days with no fruit as an experiment. I felt like David Wolfe. Fat, slow and wanting some crackao! lol! 

How many calories and food quantities you eat in a typical day?

I like to get MINIMUM 3500 a day. Bananas and dates are my staple. When fresh fruit is not around I eat dried fruit and bottled juice as a back up. But I do eat 100% vegan. No honey or bee products.

How much Greens?

I dont eat em everyday but eat them when I want them. Sometimes I will eat 2-4 heads of lettuce on its own or with dates.

How much overt fats you eat?

Under 10% the whole year. More fat means heavier legs and less recovery. So Im pretty strict with fat intake. 

How much water?

I start everyday with 1 litre before I eat or drink anything else. I like to pee at least 10 times a day and a few times a night. I always aim for clear urine vs yellow or straw. Helps keep me lean with good digestion and vitality. Good for skin too.

Do you practise proper food combining?

Yes. Ive done enough combo abombos to know that they don´t work as good as proper combining.  

How much do you exercise and what activities you do?

I NEVER exercise cos exercise is boring!! I love to ride my bike to the shops or explore new places or ride with groups. I like to race too. Its fun seeing yourself improve and meeting new opponents. Im active around an hour a day and sit down about 10 hours a day on the computer for the last few years. 

How much sleep do you get?

I like to get 10-12 hours by getting to bed near sun down. Doesn´t always happen but it´s the goal so I can be more productive the next day in life. 

What accomplishements have you achieved on the high carb raw vegan diet?

I have a greater participation in my daily reality. I get to help others help themselves with health, fitness and weight loss. 

How do you make a living?

Youtube pays me a fair bit now. It´s crazy. I also do coaching, talks and have a book coming out soon. We live the simple life. I don´t want to be a millionaire, I just want people to feel like a million $.

What advice would you give to the people who would like to improve their quality of life Durianrider?

10g of carbs per kg of bodyweight per day. (If you´re obese you won´t physically be able to eat that much but do your best). Drink enough water so you are urinating clear and at least 10 times a day and a couple a night. Get to bed early. Follow your heart. Realise that we often make things in our head bigger than they really are. 

Website: www.durianrider.org

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