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Get Inspired to Live a Better Life!

After reading all these inspiring articles and interviews you will have no other option than to get inspired to be more adventurous, healthy and creative human being!



I would like to inspire you to be more adventurous. To do things that challenge you. To travel to places which you always dreamed about. I will share my own story of how my addiction changed from playing computer games to being in nature, travelling and doing things that I was just dreaming about before. Stay tuned for my experiences, photos and tips from Borneo Travel. Also be prepared for interviews with the travellers and other people whose biggest passion is the adventure! Let´s learn how to survive in wilderness and how to become more self-sufficient.


I would also like to inspire you to live a more healthy lifestyle. To make progress in your eating habits and your fitness goals. I was overweight two times in my short life so I have a lot to say about this topic. I will share my own body transformation with you! I will also share my experiences with different diets and training programs. I will share reports from sport events with you.


Get inspired to be more creative. I am planning to do interviews with people who are thinking outside the box. To present you the ideas which may get your own thinking juices flowing!

When? Now!

The best time to start living the live of your dreams is right now! Every single day you are older. If you will be putting your dreams aside they will always be just dreams. We´ll provide you with the inspiration to make it happen but you will have to make it happen for you. Stop dreaming it and start living it!